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RYE Consulting brings together classroom, publishing, legal, operations, finance and professional development experience to provide a comprehensive understanding of the education market. With over thirty years of experience, our deep rooted understanding is the key skills needed to boost, build and brand your business.

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Comprehensive Solutions

RYE Consulting engages hands-on, become familiar with your values, focus on the solution as a do-er, and show you results in real time. Our deep level of experience in the classroom, school board, corporate engagement and legal arena provides a well-rounded view of the market and vast network of resources. As a boutique-consulting firm, we pride ourselves on our deep level of execution-based engagement with our clients and provide hourly and project based support.

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Engaging Clients   PreK-Higher Ed

RYE Consulting focuses on engaging clients from PreK through HigherEd creating a pathway with scaffolded support. We share our clients' ambitions- providing support for start-ups, schools districts, foundations, corporations and advocacy corporations. RYE works to understand client goals for the short and long term to deliver true results—focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions.

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