Customer Stories: Meet Rayna Yaker of RYE Consulting

If you Google “bespectacled problem solver,” you’ll quickly discover Rayna Yaker, founder and Principal Consultant of RYE Consulting. The Chicago-based boutique education consulting firm offers their clients a menu of well-rounded services.

Rayna Yaker, M.ED, J.D. lives up to her moniker as is evident from the array of letters that live behind her name. After completing her teaching degree she went back to school for a dual degree, earning her Masters of Education (M.Ed) in Curriculum & Instruction as well as a Doctor of Law Degree (J.D.) with a Certificate in Children and Family.

Combining her teaching expertise and her knowledge of the policy side of education has helped her secure a niche market, providing solutions to school-based issues offering high-touch, individualized support experience for her clients.

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