RYE Consulting engages hands-on, becomes familiar with your values, focuses on the solution as a doer, and shows results in real time. Our deep level of experience in the classroom, school board, corporate engagement, and legal arena provides a well-rounded view of the market and vast network of resources. As a boutique consulting firm, we pride ourselves on our deep level of execution based engagement with our clients and provide hourly and project based support.

Procurement, Grants and Proposals

RYE helps clients sell more and do more by taking school-based solutions and turning them into successful proposals and actionable grants. Our team is there from the beginning; sourcing opportunities, targeting key markets, and providing in-depth analysis of prospective applications. RYE provides the unique standpoint of curriculum understanding coupled with a legal foundation to effectively write responses that resonate with decision makers.

Strategic Relationships

RYE builds strategic partnerships among organizations, education initiatives, and schools. We have perfected our ability to initiate and develop creative results that foster new sources of revenue, key visibility, and expanded relationships.  Our unique and diverse partnerships offer integrated solutions in a wide array of verticals and practice areas. We are scalable, precise, insightful, and take pride in every solution we craft.

Curriculum Alignment and Instructional Design

With the adoption of Common Core and the specific needs of College & Career Readiness, RYE provides the educational expertise needed in the development of course documentation and curriculum for PreK through Higher Ed. Our work includes; construction of e-courses, learning and task analysis, instructional plans, creation of Syllabi, and custom course creation.

“RYE consulting is really a one of a kind consulting service. They provide solutions, ideas for change, and a highly knowledgable team of consultants who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure success. However, I think what distinguishes RYE above anyone else is their commitment and passion for the work with their clients. From my first meeting with Rayna and Kristen, I felt that we were on the same side and part of a team. They actually roll up their sleeves and provide assistance with anything that is needed. RYE truly is the best in the business!”— Shalini Patel, Founder & Head of School, Inspire Girls Academy

Professional Development

Our team offers a combined wealth of expertise, talent, and ingenuity. The diversity of RYE Consulting enables us to create Professional Development on behalf of our clients that is consistent, relevant, and has a lasting impact. In addition, we provide our clients the ability to scale, delivering on-site and webinar-based training on their behalf. All staff members hold active teacher certifications and a master's degree.

Market Strategy

Our team helps clients know their market and reach their audience more effectively through strategic research, trend analysis, and communications planning. With a knowledge base from birth through higher education, RYE Consulting partners with clients to assess their target landscapes, provide comprehensive research with tactical analysis. Our design mindset helps us see our strategic and systems work through implementation and improvement in partnership with client team members. With smart market strategy, our clients have the information and analysis they need to tackle the biggest issues in education.

“Working with Rayna in the past I was confident about bringing her in to work with zSpace. I’m impressed with how fast she took on understanding our product (something difficult to describe and market) and rapidly integrated into being a member of our team.” — George Warren, EVP Education, zSpace