RYE Consulting brings together classroom, publishing, legal, operations, finance and professional development experience to provide a comprehensive understanding of the education market. With over thirty years of experience, our deep rooted understanding is the key skills needed to boost, build and brand your business.

Rayna E. Yaker, M.Ed., J.D.

Managing Principal Consultant

Rayna is a bespectacled problem solver, with a focus on education from the classroom to the corporate arena. With over a decade of experience in driving innovation at the school and business level, she is dedicated to providing her clients with clear and actionable solutions.

(Email: Rayna@RYEconsult.com)

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Kristen Hemmings, M.Ed.

Elementary Education Specialist

Kristen is a dedicated educator with a passion for Mathematics and Curriculum. Working in Early Childhood classrooms in Ohio, Illinois, Georgia and Virginia she has a wealth of experience and a depth of insight into the specific needs of our clients. 

(Email: Kristen@RYEconsult.com)

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Barbara Goldstein, MBA

Business and Operations Consultant

Barbara is an experienced school business professional with a proven record of success. Her depth of experience is exemplified in her work with our school clients providing the foundational guidance from compliance to business operations- creating process for future sustainability. In addition, Barbara lends her financial insight to pricing schematics, budgeting and internal audits for our clients as they scale. 

(Email: Barbara@RYEconsult.com)

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Shalini Patel, M.Ed.

Curriculum and Development Specialist

Shalini understands the needs of the classroom teacher and school administrator. With over a decade in Education and two Masters degrees she is a goal-driven and results oriented thinker, who can thrive in complex and ambiguous situations to create strategic plans aligned to an organizations' priorities.

(Email: Shalini@RYEconsult.com)

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Abigail Abt, M.Ed.

Implementation and Instructional Leadership Specialist

Abigail's wealth of classroom experience is complemented by her passion as an Instructional Coach and leader. Abigail develops, grows, and sustains highly effective teaching strategies through on-site coaching and the creation of engaging lessons on behalf of clients. Her understanding of the needs at the administrative, coaching and classroom level provide deep insight into the implementation pieces required for successful procurement of products and services.

(Email: Abigail@RYEconsult.com)

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Paula Shanahan, M.Ed.

Curriculum and Instructional Leadership Specialist

Paula is an experienced classroom practitioner with over 17 certifications spanning PreK to 12th grade providing a wealth of insight to the diverse needs of today's classroom. With a deep focus on Special Education, Paula has a General Education, Science, Social Studies, Math, Reading and ELA Cognitive Level providing an actionable pathway to learning for all students. In addition, her time as an ESOL and Interrelated Resource teacher provides deep insight into creating engaging lessons and coaching teachers in the mainstreamed classroom.

(Email: Paula@RYEconsult.com)

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