Rayna has been pivotal in helping us coordinate strategic outreach to top leaders and districts. She is the ultimate utility player when it comes to helping us try new initiatives while also staying focused on things like RFPs, women-owned business and district procurement planning. Her meticulous attention to details and organizational skills has helped us build internal capacity to focus on building our business. 
— Abby Ross, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Role: RFP Sourcing, Proposal Management, Vendor Engagement and Business Advancement

ThinkCERCA.com is a Chicago-based company passionately committed to improving the quality of K-12 education on scale. The online platform allows teachers to design, share, deliver, and assess lessons using the CERCA argumentation framework, helping students use the process of argumentation to learn about any subject. Guided by a team of nationally-recognized literacy experts, our mission is to deliver engaging, rigorous, and personalized literacy instruction for every student, in every class, every day.

ThinkCERCA is an argumentation framework for rigorous, personalized online learning, providing tools to teach the critical literacy skills essential to the Common Core State Standards and to success in life. Utilizing authentic texts and critical questions, ThinkCERCA help’s students build college and career readiness skill with engraining real-world ELA, Science and Social Studies topics for grades 4-12.